best wired headset for phone calls

If you’re working from home doing a lot of Skype calls, zoom calls, or whatever you will need a very good headset. The best wired headset for phone calls ensures perfect and impressive expression on their users. But you have a lot of things that should be considered before picking a best wired headset for phone calls, they not only work for home or office, they also do the perfect job anywhere you may want to bring.

The main question will be raised in your mind which is the best headset for you, it is the wired headset for phone calls or is the wireless headset for phone calls. The wireless headset is more advanced and well-featured. But we cannot ignore the reliability and effectiveness of the wired headset for phone calls.

It depends on the user’s nature what kind of headset they may want to buy but wired headset and wireless headset own their benefit and features. The first thing you should be considered during picking a headset is the perfect and impressive work for you.

For any kind of headset you want to pick, the first thing you should be considered is it is a comfortable, proper check-the-ear headset with padded ear cushions and adjustable headbands. The process of the best headset comes to the end of its high-end audio quality.

A wired headset will give you a better call experience. We tested several products but picked the top 15 best wired headsets for phone calls. These are high quality and well-featured headset you can use them for phone calls not for only home also anywhere you may want to bring.

The best-wired headset for phone calls list we mentioned here by selecting the user experience, product review, and quality of the company. These are the high-rated wired headset according to user demand and requirements. Without any further late you can pick one of the best-wired headsets at affordable prices. Let’s see!

Best wired headset for phone calls





Jabra Evolve 80 Noise Cancellation for Calls and Music

Plantronics 202580-01 Wired Headset, Silver/Black

Jabra Evolve2 40 –Telework Headset for Calls and Music

Jabra Evolve 40 UC Professional Headset for Calls & Music

Discover D722U

Discover D722U Noise Cancelling Headset-Skype, Zoom 

Beats Ep Wired On-Ear HeadphonesBuilt In Mic And Controls

Razer Kraken Noise Isolating-Mic, For PC,Mobile, PS4, PS5-

EKSA E900- Noise Cancelling Headset with Mic&LED Light

MAIRDI USB Headset Noise Cancelling & Mic Mute-for Call

AILIHEN I35-Headphones with Mic-Cellphones Tablets 

Bopmen Computer Headset with Mic for Office PC Laptop

HyperX Cloud Noise Cancelling Microphone fo call

Callez-USB Headset with Microphone Noise Cancelling-call

Logitech ClearChat Comfort/USB Headset H390 (Black)

AILIHEN C8 Wired Headphones with Microphone- PC 

1-Jabra Evolve 80

Jabra Evolve 80
Jabra Evolve 80

The modern office is very distracting and when you’re trying to get something done and someone distracts you, it takes an average time to get focused again. Let’s look at a pair of headphones that can help you to avoid getting distracted at the office and home.

We’re talking about the Jabra Evolve 80 headphones, these headphones are not used only to listen to music. These are geared towards the mobile office worker who works both in an office and on the go. Besides office work you can also use them at home and anywhere you want to bring them.

The headset featured great padding and cushioning over-ear headphones. Jabra Evolve 80 eliminates the normal distraction that you get. One of the cool features of Jabra Evolve 80 is active noise-canceling. We enable the noise-canceling even in the hum of an air-conditioner.

Active noise-canceling is featured to allow you to focus on your task that you’re doing. This headphone for you if you’re a writer or someone to get focused on. When you come into the office you can take and make calls with these headphones.

These are great headphones for those people who’re used to Skye for business. Because on the right side of the headset you get a microphone, pull-down, and making and taking calls easily. That means the person you are talking to can hear your voice easily and in a clear way.

For noise-canceling features on the right side of headphones have a button. By pressing the button you will be able to disable the noise-canceling. On the headphone, you see a ring that is a red ring light active while your headphone on noise-canceling disable mode.

You can connect Jabra Evolve 80 with your laptop from the normal type of headphone jack directly into it. On the other side of headphones have a USB plug that can connect your laptop. The build quality of the headset is great and well adjustable.

The Jabra Evolve 80 has an intelligent transfer feature for Skype business conversation on your laptop beside you will take this advantage with mobile phones. For this purpose, you simply dislodge the headphones from the laptop and put them into a smartphone to continue the call.

Whether you’re in the office or home, anywhere you need to take a call or conversation, and to avoid distractions, the headphone Jabra Evolve 80 is for you. Sure you get a more comfortable conversation using these headphones.

  • Excellent design
  • Great sound quality
  • Lync integration
  • Fine microphone
  • For gaming too
  • Comfortable for a long session
  • Pricy

2-Plantronics 202580-01

Plantronics 202580-01
Plantronics 202580-01

This is the Plantronics black series of USB headsets that are well designed and well-featured. Plantronics 202580-01 has the plug and play connection through USB and USB C 3.5 connection. The first thing you do with this headphone is download its Plantronics hub software.

With this software, you will be able to get all the latest firmware headset updates. You can also control the Plantronics 202580-01 set by using this software. So, here we have a better scenario with the Plantronics black series of headphones.

The Plantronics 202580-01 soft and well-featured headphone, it has foam ear cushions and an in-line call controller to adjust the volume. The headphone also has hold buttons for mute purposes. While the hand-band is comfortable and made with high-quality metal.

The ear cushions are made with large size leatherette with memory foam that made the headphone super comfortable and we highly recommended it. You would notice it is really done with unique features. The comfortable metal hand-band looks great and grippy.

The right side of the headset is active noise-canceling buttons, you can easily turn on and off this button. This is the very latest headset from Plantronics available in two different colors. Many customers are looking from Plantronics for boom fewer mice design headset, the Plantronics deliver.

These headphones are really great for webinars as well as really great for softphone calls. In terms of connecting with a PC or laptop, you can directly plug with them. If you want to get the latest pushdown from Plantronics firmware updates you need to download its software.

You can also adjust the call setting with this Plantronics hub software. This black wired headset contains all features and options that you want to see in a headset. If you’re looking for the best-wired headset for phone calls you can pick one of the Plantronics black headsets without getting late.

  • Lightweight & portable
  • High quality & excellent work
  • Adjustable head-band
  • Excellent for communication
  • Also decent for music
  • Low-frequency work

3-Jabra Evolve2 40

Jabra Evolve2 40
Jabra Evolve2 40

The Jabra Evolve2 40 is a basic corded headset with a high-quality speaker and mic. This is the plug and plays wired headset, in which you can connect with your windows and mac laptop or computer. When you see the price of Jabra Evolve2 40, these headsets offer quite a bit more and a fantastic price.

It is recommended for those who’re professional and primarily work from their computer in-home or office and they need a reliable noise-canceling headset with a microphone. The premium memory foam ear cushion covers the ear with a nice hand-band.

The excellent oval shape ear-cups specially designed for massive noise-canceling. This headset won’t squeeze your ears to your head and the cushion also rests on the ear. Because this evolved version has a padded headband that rests on your head.

In our opinion, these headsets are built more comfortably as compared to the evolving 40 headsets. But the Jabra removes the call controller button of the headphone that is placed right side of the ear speaker. This headphone is designed with a right-side mic boom.

On the ear of the headset, three buttons are placed, the middle button is used for pause or play, and the top button is used to adjust the volume and forward music tracks. While the bottom of three buttons is used for the lowest volume and for next to the previous music track. You can also control the busy light of headphones using these buttons.

One of the greatest features of that headset is you can connect it with multiple calls just by pressing one button. Another neat feature of the headset is a mute feature, you can mute the call with boom raise and down. The other way to do this action is by pressing the buttons that are placed bottom of the boom.

When you pick this headset to make sure to download Jabra directly to keep the headset updated from the latest firmware and you can also adjust the setting of the headset. One of the fine features of Jabra Evolve2 40 is its sidetone technology, in which you can adjust the level of hearing yourself.

If you need a headset that provides clear conversations and easy to use, take a closer look at the Jabra Evolve2 40. At a great price, you can do so much with these headphones. The ideal headset works fine for both the office and home.

  • Excellent mic quality
  • Modern & stylish
  • Handy feature
  • Best for zoom
  • Great audio quality
  • Less sound quality
  • Bad outweighs

4-Jabra Evolve 40 UC

Jabra Evolve 40 UC
Jabra Evolve 40 UC

The Jabra Evolve 40 UC is pretty impressive due to its sound test quality, comfortability, and functionality. Many people know how much Jabra is better as compared to another headset. Plantronics and Jabra are really the biggest companies and well known for their products.

Jabra is improving your productivity with your call quality whether you used them for Skype and phone calls. When we see the headset hardware definitely is made with better quality and well furnished. Personally, we liked the headset magnetic strip that is pretty good.

The magnet strip is pretty strong but in a big hand when you pull down it can lose its function and it gets pretty sensitive down. A small headset is pretty strong and swivels all the way around the headset. Moreover, you can adjust the headset according to your head.

The soft foam pad a little bit swivels but it doesn’t affect the comfortability of the headset. The big earpiece makes sure this is the more comfortable wired headset. Because the Jabra Evolve 40 UC foam padding acts like memory foam and made of high quality.

The tiny earpiece can hurt the ear after a long period of time. But you like the earpiece while it’s covering your ear special in mono sound. The sound quality of Jabra Evolve 40 UC is pretty impressive with good bass and clear sound.

The headset controller is very simple. Three buttons are placed on the headset for volume setting, you can set the volume up, down and also put the headset on mute. A more exciting feature of that headset is its busy light, flexible USB, and audio jack.

The headset is awesome functionality whether you plug with a laptop or plug with your smartphone. This is pretty good for that with excellent sound quality, noise-canceling, and pretty awesome speakers. These are the best headset for offices to make tons of calls as well as used for home phone calls and anywhere you may want to bring.

  • Great noise canceling
  • Excellent mic sound quality
  • Exclusive for Skype
  • Highly comfortable
  • Great busy light
  • Pretty heavy dongle
  • Hard mute button
  • Less in design

5-Discover D722U

Discover D722U
Discover D722U

This is a great headset for working in an office and at home when connecting to the computer. The binaural headset has a two-speaker with a comfortable level of adjustment. The Discover D722U is a dual-ear larger size and ear cushion headset.

Discover D722U has an adjustable noise-canceling boom that is comfortable and easy to use. You can set the position of the microphone wherever you need it and also rotate the microphone boom. It depends on you in which position you adjust the mic boom either right or left.

When you comparing this headset in the market with another headset, it is a very lightweight headset. Oversized ear cups made with leather cushions are super comfortable and super plush. Adjustable hand-bands can fit any size and shape of the head.

The adjustment of the headset is super nice and more comfortable for you. This reason for the headset, it cannot become the cause of pain or discomfort. Overall a large headset with a bigger earcup we found it extremely comfortable for you.

It is a noise-canceling headset that can eliminate the background noise that you hear during your working session in-home or office. It will be clearly helpful for you to remove unwanted background noise. On the other hand, you can hear the clear voice during call making which is pretty much nice.

When we see the design of the headset, it is absolutely excellent and eye-catching. When you compare the headset to others, it is pretty good, lightweight, and well comfortable in use. On the side of the hand-band company, logos are placed which makes them really awesome.

The call controller is not placed on the hand-band and or on earcups, it is separated with wire. The call controller comes with three buttons, one for volume up, the second for volume down, and the third button is used to mute the mic when you want.

This headset is ideal for those people who’re working for business meetings, use communication software, zoom calls and for those who’ve used any type of communication platform, this headset is really good for that because it removes noise around you and you can get more focus on music or your collars.

  • Well in worth
  • Good sound
  • Easy to control
  • Perfect mic work
  • Comfortable for all-day wear
  • No longer solid

6-Beats Ep

Beats Ep
Beats Ep

These are the least expensive Beats Ep headphones you get right now. Beats are battery-free feature wired headphones. These are really cheap and really well made with great sound. Beats Ep available in different colors, blue, red, and black, you can pick one of them according to your color choice.

The headset is very durable and still seems vulnerable, you can throw the headphones into the bag while traveling. The body of the Beats Ep is made with matte plastic and metal. Our first impression about those headphones is how solid they feel, well made, and how nice.

They cannot be folded like other cheaper headphones. The hand-band of Beats Ep is made with mixed plastic and rubber. While the beats are on the top of the hand-band and inside the hand-band we feel a nice rubber feeling. When you adjust the hand-band it is a firm but smooth glide.

The frame of the headset is made with steel and solidly attached with earcups, which give a nice feel to the headset. They do give nice flexibility to the hand-band but it is not creaky. On each side of the headset is placed a beats logo. The earcup pivots and gives a comfortable feel and a nice seal over the ears.

The only thing that can disappoint you is cable, it is not detachable beats calls, it is hassle-free fixed cable, and thick in design. But these headphones also work with IOS. Play and pause, volume up and down, and multi-function buttons made the work of Beats Ep more impressive and effective.

To quick by pressing the buttons you can answer the call, forward, and skip the track. All controllers work with android devices except volume. So, you can play, pause, skip track and answer calls even long press to bring up Google voice search.

Mic works really well when you make voice calls, it gives you clear sound and voice quality. Definitely, the beats give you great quality of voice in their headsets. As per our tested experience, it gives you great sound quality during the pick and make calls process and also great for all types of music.

The most part of the Beats Ep is better and well balanced is its bass, the bass is thicker, feels bass guitar fatter and the kick drum hits harder. The bass is responsive and tight, the bass sound is great even in low levels to mid. These headphones have a very warm sound but less detail in highs.

Using this headphone you can easily pick out individual instruments in each speaker. The ear-cups did a good job and nice fee cushions very comfortable on your ear. In the short, these headphones are really great and feel very comfortable.

The build quality and feel top-notch, they’re extremely comfortable in conversation not even at home also for the office and where you want to bring. If you’re looking for the best-wired headset for phone calls, the Beats Ep is best for you.

  • Great Sound
  • Affordable prices
  • Excellent build quality
  • Good mice sound
  • Also for running & causal listening
  • Pretty flimsy cord
  • Less portable
  • Hurt your ears

7-Razer Kraken

Razer Kraken
Razer Kraken

The Razer Kraken lineup has been expanded over the years but this product under your affordable budget is no doubt the cheapest headset in the market we have seen. These headsets are not only used for calling purposes, you can also use them for console ps4, etc, connected to your mobile or computers.

It terminates in a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack in which you can easily plug into your mobile phone or your computer and whatever you want to use them. The Razer Kraken is lightweight in design, highly durable, and portable. The lightest headset is 250 grams in weight.

The headset is constructed with plastic, so you can little bit loses its quality. In terms of adjustment, it is expandable and pretty much comfortable over the head. From a large size headset, you can get a decent amount of flexibility. But be careful at the time of expanding it because it is made with plastic.

Since wearing on the head, it is lightweight, no pressure point, and very comfortable, plush memory foam earpads feel great and nice in look. On the back of the left ear-cup have the mic mute button, beside the mute button two buttons are also placed there but you should remember the mic has no LED lighting.

The mic of the headset is a very flexible kind of gooseneck design. Actually, it is a cardioid mic that aimed to eliminate the background noise and focus on your vocal pickup pattern. By itself it is four-pole meaning just plug in it and use it, you can also plug your mice with the controller.

The voice of the headset comes with decent bass. Voices come with Razer Kraken clearly and you can still get a good sense of directional audios. The sound is very good but with the serial code that offers Razer with the software you can enable the 7.1 surround sound.

You can download the software for free and enable the features. To enable the app it increases volume up to 25 percent. When we cover the whole function and feature of the Razer Kraken is excellent according to its price point of view.

Overall it is a decent headset for phone calling as well as used for music etc. It is a very rare headset because it offers surround sound 7.1 which is an excellent feature of any headset we never found in any other headset of that level of prices. These headsets are available in different colors, you can pick one of them as your needs and nature.

  • Excellent build quality
  • Well attractive
  • Great noise-canceling
  • Highly comfortable
  • Various color variations
  • Short mic
  • Low quality
  • Not durable

8-EKSA E900


This is the new EKSA E900 wired headset for phone calls that comes with excellent features at the lowest price. This inexpensive headset is also used for gaming besides with office or home for calling purposes. The headset works great with a computer PC, Mac and also works with tablets.

Which thing you get with this headset, user guide, USB cable, three-and-half millimeter cable with a microphone, audio tie line, and audio controller. The headset featured virtual surround sound and decent padding for the head-band.

One of the cool features of the EKSA E900 is its detachable microphone that comes with a toggle controller. The initial impression of this headphone is fairly light. On the top of the headset is company branding. While the hand-band was built with leatherette materials with decent padding.

All around the headset is very soft to touch. Inside the left and right earmuffs have ear indicators and the padding is soft as well. On each side of the headset, cords are exposed and it also has the lower band indicators. For adjustment of the headset, you will get a decent amount of travel.

Adjustment of the headset gives you a wide range of accommodations. The middle of the hand-band ensures flexibility of the headset made with a thin metal frame, so it is a decent amount of flexibility. A red LED accent light is placed on each side of the headset.

The left side of the headset has various ports, three and a half millimeter ports, a microphone port, and a USB port. The headset microphone is detachable and you can rotate it 360 degrees. The microphone three and a half millimeter port has a mechanism feature.

The headset ports have images that show the lock and unlock position, it is just a matter of turning position. The weight of EKSA E900 is about 250 grams. The EKSA E900 is lightweight and comfortable for long periods of time.

While the sound quality of the headset is pretty good, mids and highs are well balanced on music and the voice is well clear. You have not faced any issue with this headphone for a short period of time or a long period of time, it worked well.

In our opinion, the EKSA E900 is a really good headset and will enhance your experience. The headset works on many platforms without any issues and it wouldn’t break the bank for those who’re looking for an inexpensive wired headset for phone calls.

  • Great noise-canceling
  • Affordable prices
  • Originally build
  • Super comfortable
  • Sensible microphone
  • Soft padding
  • Less sound level
  • Hot during summer



This is an amazing wired headset for phone calling at the price point. These are a little bit tight around for big heads. These headsets are specially designed for phone work and these headsets prove themselves work excellent for phone calling conversations at home or office as well as anywhere which you may want to bring.

These are the best-wired headsets overall for call centers and for phone work as well as for business conferences. Moreover, you can use them to make voice over videos because it contains an excellent and fantastic microphone that works well with a clear, responsive, and soft sound.

In front of clarity, these headsets are very good and super comfortable. These are great in sound bass because they did not support any unnaturally amplified bass. In the center the foam padding has hollow, the mic is extremely good, and flexible arms.

The MAIRDI M series wired headset mic is more sensitive and well comfortable but you don’t put your mouth close to the mic. These mics are sensitive even if you can listen to the breath of the caller. Overall you would be pleased after using this USB headset.

You can plug this headset with your pc or laptop as well as connect with a smartphone, it works great with extraordinary performance. It works well with Windows special for WebEx and Skype call conversations. It would not be disappointing if you are either using a laptop or phones.

The USB headset with noise-canceling features high-quality wideband audio and microphone, which make clear and easy communication for offices, call centers, or pc home chat, the conversation even in a noisy environment. No extra driver is required to connect with the compatible devices.

These wired headsets are the best-wired headset for phone calls because they featured, plush soft protein leatherette ear cushion, adjustable hand-band, and are user friendly, you can easily adjust with any size of heads. It is super comfortable ear-cups and you have no pain for long-wearing sessions.

You can easily use a rotatable microphone for a long period of time in offices, call centers, at home with a pc or smartphone. When we look and the design of this headset is super lightweight, high-quality speakers, reliable microphones, solid build quality.

The most important thing with this wired headset is that they can compete with Plantronics and Jabra at that level of headsets. You can easily access the feature of the headset, adjust the volume up and down, play or pause and put the headset on mute mode.

From a job perspective, it is the best-wired headset for phone calls and works great for offices, business meetings, and home chat on computers or smartphones. This wired USB headset MAIRDI M series available in different colors. So, you have a lot of options, to pick your best-wired headset without any wasting of time and money.

  • Excellent work capacity
  • Most sensitive microphone
  • Not whatsoever
  • Ideal for conference
  • Great foam padding
  • Available in different models
  • Less in quality
  • Cheap designed



These are the AILIHEN i35 stereo lightweight and foldable headsets. These headsets are built with an adjustable headband and a built-in microphone. On the cored head-band have buttons used for play and pause track and answer the calls.

You would really love these headphones because these headphones are so comfortable to wear. The popularity of the headsets is its comfortable head-band, nice and soft earpieces which are really nothing without a lot of other headphones.

By head-band itself these are the unique, really soft padding and while pairing on head nothing to be hard poking into your head. So, these are really comfortable, really soft, and the most budget wired headsets for phone calls we’ve ever had.

These AILIHEN I35 wired headsets work great for younger children, maybe these headsets made for older kids, older teens, or adults, for these headsets work perfectly. With the smallest setting, you can easily adjust the headset on your head, so this is the reason why they become the most popular wired headset.

They are also so comfortable for those who attend business meetings for a long conversation, using any kind of platform, because these are flexible and foldable, a little bit of foam on earpieces make it easy and well comfortable over the ear. So, you’ve no issue with the pain while wearing this wired headset.

It does not work well for attending phone calls or conversations but it also works perfectly in a music session. The audio voice is soft and clear, good bass sound quality, and well designed. You can use them with a computer, laptop and also use them with your personal tablet or phone, it works great for all these devices.

Long cored makes the usage of headset excellent, you can wear them and no matter what the size you have. If you are traveling, you can fold the headset and put them into your pocket or bag easily, so this is highly portable and flexible no matter where you have to bring them.

These headsets are super comfortable, nice sound quality, really well designed, and available in so many different colors. They look great and very attractive to wear. If you’re looking for a well-designed comfortable wired headset for phone calls as well as music these headphones are for you to pick from one of them.

  • Very comfortable
  • Great sound quality
  • Best for kids
  • Eye-catching design
  • Excellent cheap headsets
  • Available in different colors
  • Less in performance
  • Cheap quality

11-Bopmen Y71-M

Bopmen Y71-M
Bopmen Y71-M

The Bopmen Y71-M are well-built quality and shockingly comfortable as you expect from this kind of wired headset for phone calls. A number of connectors and adapters are included with this headset. Metal support and a little bit of plastic are used to build these headphones.

These are one of the greatest wired headsets for phone calls with the excellent mic and sound quality used for call center or conference as well as any typing work and also a little bit of support for gaming sessions. It is how amazing you get all these features with a single headset at the cheapest price.

The feature shared by the earbud and additional cable is really nice. Excellent noise canceling you would’ve no need to break the band for getting a premium headset. It has no need for extra accessories like another headset, it is so super and comfortable.

High-quality sound precision 40-millimeter increases the sensitivity of the speaker not only for phone calls but makes it sound quality for gaming, listening to music, or watching movies by using a computer or laptop and as well with smartphones.

The detachable mic upgrades the quality of the headset into another professional headset, it’s a better pick call with a clear and clean voice for business, gaming, podcasting, and taking calls on the go. One key mic mute made the more convenient use of a headset and an advance 40 mm driver give you powerful stereo sound

The multiple-purpose headset is more comfortable, well-built quality with a solid construction, adjustable head-band with a nice mic, and good audio quality. If you’re looking for the best-wired headset for phone calls besides another usage, these are the best headsets for you at the cheapest prices.

  • Good build quality
  • Lots of connectors
  • Fine microphone
  • Nice sound quality
  • Additional cable
  • Right noise-canceling
  • Separated input & output
  • Uncomfortable after a while

12-HyperX Cloud


HyperX Cloud series headset is the best-wired headset for those who’re looking for the best budget wired headset for phone calls and also listen to music, playing games, or conversations. The HyperX ensures their users these headsets are with great sound and are super comfortable.

Definitely, these are great headphones because they have a detachable microphone, you can pull out after your call conversations, and listen to the music track. Obviously, it doesn’t look like a gaming headset, this looks very clean and very sleek when the microphone is not attached.

While the cable of the headset is not detachable you have to care for the headset cable because carelessly it can be damaged. The main difference of that headset as compared to other headsets is, this is an inline control, and you will be able to control headset volume here on the headset cable itself.

Another important key feature of that headset is its louder volume as compared to other HyperX wired headsets because other headsets are 60 ohms impedance levels but this one only has 41 ohms impedance level. So, there is a lot easier to louder volume with this headset.

When you plug the HyperX Cloud into your computer, laptop, or smartphone you have no issue during connectivity of the headset, you can easily get a really good volume level out of these. While the microphone quality and audio bass quality is amazing and excellent at their price point.

So, this is a very capable microphone with the excellent build quality. These headphones are the exact clone of other HyperX Cloud core and cloud 2 the built quality is exactly the same. This is impossible to break the headphones because you have a really sturdy body with a really nice leather headband and a lot of padding up.

Honestly, the HyperX knows what they’re doing that’s why they’re sticking with this headset model which looks really nice and works well, so there is no need to change the headset. These still rock because the 53-millimeter drivers used to handle the tons of bass and they’re boom.

The overall sound quality of the headset is amazing, that’s with caller conversations, that’s with games or with music. So, definitely you need to buy this headset if you want to use a wired headset with your computer, phone, or tablet. You would be getting an excellent budget wired gaming headset for phone calls at affordable prices.

  • Bass sound good
  • Crystal mic
  • Great controller
  • Soft padding foam
  • Also games supported
  • Highly comfortable & durable
  • No mic monitoring
  • Less hardware quality

13-Callez USB headset

Callez USB headset
Callez USB headset

The next best-wired headset for phone calls is the Callez USB headset series. These series headsets are super comfortable and with excellent sound quality. This headset looks like the pilot headset because it’s enough pads to seal the ear then this looks completely covering it like a pilot headset.

The headset mic boom holds a strong position and it is very flexible. The mic is unique with its excellent sound quality. These Callez USB headsets work great and well perfect with Windows as well smartphones. They’re great for videos to call and live webinars.

If a person has glasses on his eyes, they use this headset comfortably even wearing glasses. The headset captures the clear voice and ignores the ambient voice, so it will be enough for live chat. These headsets are inline control that contains the inline mute, volume buttons on the cable.

One con of that headset is its little bit earpieces, but the tiny size earcups do not affect the performance of the headset while it is working for call conference, live webinar or video chat, it works well with excellent performance. The headset build quality is pretty good according to their prices.

Adjustment of head-band is fairly easy, earpieces are well padded and well comfortable. For a long duration in business meetings, live webinars, voice, or video chats you have no fear of pain because these headsets are super comfortable and specially designed for that purpose.

For picking up voice recordings these headsets are excellent and their control works very well. But you should remember about the Callez USB headset, these are not gaming headphones. According to the tested experience of that headset, these are not loud but the sound quality is excellent.

They’re great solutions for those who’re looking for the best-wired headset for phone calls, or interested to buy a new wired headset and they want to get more features and they have no enough money to get the headset, so that is perfect for them.

It is the best solution for those who want to make calls, video conferencing, business meetings, work in the call center, live webinar, or looking for personal audio, video voice chat, they can get without losing their time and money also. Definitely, these are cheaper and well designed for conferencing, great support to zoom, Skype, etc.

  • Adjustable head-band
  • Microphone works well
  • Comfortable & lightweight
  • Extraordinary sound quality
  • Less earpiece size
  • Average size headset

14- Logitech H390

Logitech H390
Logitech H390

The Logitech H390 wired headset has an eight-foot cable, padded headband, and ear pads. The headset has noise-canceling mice with inline mute and volume controls. These headsets are connected to a laptop or computer through USB and these are highly compatible with windows and mac operating systems.

The Logitech H390 headset is built with plastic which feels kind of flimsy and brittle. So, be careful while wearing it on your ear. The material quality might not be a loss of impression about these Logitech H390 working performance.

The cable of the headset is not well in standard but according to its price, these are perfect and work better for you. The cable is made with rubber and it has a mini control panel, which contains the microphone mute button, by pressing the middle buttons microphone is one, left, and right side buttons used for volume.

The response of the headset is 20 hertz to 20 kilohertz while the microphone frequency is 100 hertz to 10 kilohertz. While its sound quality is good and the ear design is super comfortable. The adjustable microphone can be raised, brought down directly in front of your mouth for speaking.

This headset blocks a lot of noise and its ear design is comfortable. The wired headset hookup to any USB port with your pc or laptop. The most unique thing about that headset is they are worth a penny and quite inexpensive.

The Logitech H390 itself is outstanding due to its high-quality features, decent sound, lightweight and comfortable at affordable prices. Most Logitech fans will not be able to afford their high price headset. Now they can get Logitech H390 easily at affordable prices.

It includes all functions and features that you expect from the premier Logitech headset when we see their prices. These are really beneficial for those who’re working in offices or at home, and they need a high-quality well-featured wired headset for making calls.

As a caller experience, it would not disappoint you, for long sessions in the meeting, spend more time at the office for conversations in any way audio or videos, or you make personal contact, you would not face any kind of pain while using this headset. Small earpieces and adjustable head-band make your caller experience better and responsive.

So, if you’re in a position to buy a new headset for phone calls and you’ve no interest in wireless headsets, this one’s for you. Because Logitech is more familiar with the user, what they want from them. Highly recommended for you to pick the best wired Logitech headset for phone calls.

  • Highly compatible
  • Great padding
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Genuinely plug & play
  • Adjustable head-band
  • Messed audio
  • Crappy wiring
  • Cheap quality

15-NUBWO N20


At the end of the best-wired headset for phone calls list is AILIHEN C8. These headsets are very low cost and inexpensive ironically enough its biggest competitor might be sound and tone headphones, which are actually made by the same parent company. So, there’s a bit of a rivalry there in their lowest-cost segment of this wired headset we found.

The quality is concerned it is very attractive and well in the design. Overall look and construction are amazing and well-featured. These headsets are available in a number of colors you can pick as your nature or color selection mode. All of these have the same quality with different colors.

This headset used a standard 3.5-millimeter port, so this reason it works well with other smartphones. The other specification of the headset is a 40-millimeter speaker or driver, 1.5-millimeter long cable, gold-plated plug, dedicated volume control merge with a microphone.

Due to the inline feature of volume control, you can directly make a response while attending calls, you can adjust the volume and handle the microphone directly and quickly. These headsets are not only used for gaming, it also can be used to listen to music and games.

The AILIHEN C8 wired headset is good in construction design, very comfortable, and lightweight. The whole headset is made with plastic and soft-touch rubber. But the wired of the headset itself is not detachable. So, this is one of the limitations of having a slightly less expensive pair of wired headsets.

It is made with bright add braided nylon that means it is quite durable and with a gold-plated 3.5-millimeter plug at the inline remote control. The headset has an interesting slider design in which you can gradually change the loudness of the volume, other functions with play and pause, answer and reject the calls.

These are quite comfortable and easy to adjust, with soft cushioning which is extremely soft and easy to wear. The plastic construction enables its comfort zone to even use for a long time period. While the sound quality of the speaker and mic is clear and soft. You have no issue while attending the calls or listening to music.

At the price point, the headset did a really good job for general listeners or casual listeners to listen to music or watch a few movies. So, it is easy to take with you anywhere anyplace used for pick-up calls, meeting conversations as well audio or video chat.

So, if you’re looking for a low-cost alternative or maybe a gift for the holiday season definitely you can check this best-wired headset for phone calls. Because it is extraordinary with decent quality and avail in different colors. Highly recommended for those who’re looking for the best budget wired headset for phone calls.

  • Excellent design
  • Great build quality
  • Durable & portable
  • Stylish comfortable headset
  • Lots of colors variations
  • Lightweight folding headset
  • Highly recommended
  • Not applicable


When you’re in a position or getting the best wired headset for phone calls, so the headset comes with many types of cords for the connection of devices. You get great quality of that headset if you can use them in the right way.

In the mentioned list of the best-wired headset for phone calls, a number of the wired headsets are available with the detachable microphone, you can also use them beside office calling or homework in the gym, street walk to enjoy music, so it’s depending on you which type of headset you want to get.

The main advantages of a wired headset are suited to your needs and works perfectly. Here you find the best wired headset reviews you can choose as your price point or company brand. HyperX and Logitech H 390 are the best-wired headsets in price point,

But if you want to get the premier features you should buy now Jabra Evolve 80, Plantronics 202580-01, or Beats Ep wired headset, these are high quality and well-featured headsets, here we mentioned the top of the list of the best-wired headset for phone calls.

These wired headsets are excellent build quality, great sound, and a nice mic, you would not be disappointed with using this wired headset. It is not only used for office, home to make call conferences, audio or video chat, live webinar, you can also use them to listen to the music track and watch movies.

These are a perfect and absolutely fantastic best wired headset for phone calls, for call centers, any type of business small, medium or large, quick response to individuals or groups of people working in an office, at home as well in call centers. Full fear to pick one of them without losing your precious money besides wasting time because they come with limited stock.

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