best gaming keyboard under $50

If you’re looking for a budget-level gaming keyboard or featured rich gaming keyboard, this is the right product for you. In our research and personal opinion, we built a list of the best gaming keyboards according to their built, performance, features, and price.

We included options for every type of gamers. For a better gaming experience, you need a well-featured gaming keyboard but you don’t want to break your money bank and get maximum results from your gaming keyboard. So, don’t worry we list a number of best gaming keyboards under $50 you can pick from one of them.

The best gaming keyboard is mechanical switches, soft keys, tactile or clicky, RGB backlighting, custom profile, media, and macro keys, wrist rest, and easy to use. Don’t think about your budget, you’re able to get the best gaming keyboard for almost any price.

Best gaming keyboard under $50 for 2021





Z-88 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Blue Switch

Corsair K55 RGB-IP42 Water-Resistance-Macro Keys

FIODIO-LED Rainbow Gaming Backlit, 104 Anti-ghosting Keys

Razer Cynosa Chroma-168 Backlit RGB keys

DREVO Tyrfing V2 Customizable RGB Compact 87 Keys 

STOGA-Anti Ghosting USB Wired- 87 Keys

1STPLAYER TKL RGB-Cherry MX Linear switches 

HyperX Alloy Core RGB-Media Keys

SKYLOONG SK61Hot Swappable switches-61 Keys-RGB lighting

AULA F2088-Wrist Rest, Media Knob, Metal Panel-104 Keys

1-E-Element Z-88

E-Element Z-88
E-Element Z-88

On top of the best budget gaming keyboard is the E-Element Z-88 mechanical gaming keyboard. The keyboard is furnished with high-quality material and well in design. The keyboard comes with RGB backlighting and anti-ghosting keys. It has three options in the selection of switches.

Every gamer selects their favorite color of switches, this is an excellent feature among this keyboard from the user point of view. The switches are available in three different colors, blue, brown, and red. The hot-swappable switches are highly responsive and durable.

If some switches do not properly work or damage due to some reason, the board also has 5 extra buttons. The mechanical keys of the board are medium resistance, tactile, and audible clicky sound. All of the keys are anti-ghosting and rollover with N-key.

The board contains 81 keys, these are highly responsive and work simultaneously. Let you enjoy high-grade games with a fast response each key is controlled by an independent switch.  The keycaps are double-shot featured with crystal clear backlighting that is highly durable.

The board only has ten color modes of RGB backlighting. But if you see the price of the keyboard we cannot count its cons. The backlighting of the keyboard does not affect the performance of the board. It is still a solid and great mechanical gaming keyboard.

The keycaps of the board are made with ABS plastic while the keyboard body is made with a metal material. The unique thing about this keyboard has a USB connector. It supports all the window operating systems and Mac operating systems.

E-Element Z-88 has multimedia keys, window lock key, email, and calculator keys. So, you have no need to pause your gaming session and do multiple works with this keyboard. Overall the design, feature, and build quality of the keyboard are absolutely amazing.

The entire keyboard is so cool, high featured, mechanical switches, lightweight, and incredible lighting. It is a highly appreciated mechanical gaming keyboard. As a tested experience, this is a recommended keyboard because it comes with 60 percent backlighting and small in size, that’s cool.

  • Affordable
  • Great RGB lighting
  • Soft and nice keys
  • USB cable
  • Dedicated keys
  • Keycap puller & extra keys
  • No wrist rest
  • Without battery
  • Limited lighting

2- Corsair K55

Corsair K55
Corsair K55

The second keyboard on the top list is the Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard. The keyboard has a lot of advanced features, six programmable buttons, dedicated media keys, and detachable palm wrist rest. The design of the keyboard is excellent; you can compare it with a high-level gaming keyboard.

Corsair always made excellent and well-designed products, this keyboard also comes with a new excellent feature with a low budget. The board is highly protected from dust and water resistance. Detachable wrist rest made the typing experience very comfortable for any kind of hand.

The keyboard has dynamic RGB backlighting in three different zones, these lighting effects and colors are customizable. The excellent feature that we love is its six programmable macro keys, that give you a better gaming experience.

For a long game playing session, the hands look tired and uncomfortable. But in the keyboard, we found a detachable wrist rest that makes the gaming session full comfortable, and easy to play. So, you don’t worry about your long typing or game playing session.

Moreover dedicated media control keys and volume give you a better experience without any disturbance, you can play, pause audio without stopping your gaming session. Absolutely the gaming sessions with this keyboard are highly comfortable and enjoyable.

The sound of the key is soft and nice. It is really comfortable and quite responsive to both game and work. If you want to get a better gaming session besides your typing work this is the best keyboard for you because it is a corsair popular product and contains all the features that you expect from Corsair.

For custom backlighting, key remapping, custom lighting effect, and other custom features of the keyboard, Corsair uses ICUE software. If you want to customize the keyboard feature you need active corsair software. Really it is an amazing keyboard with pretty good features.

In short, the entire keyboard is great and excellent inbuilt quality. It is a nice-looking keyboard with RGB backlighting in three different zones. Definitely, this is a gorgeous keyboard due to its amazing feature and highly recommended for you if you want to buy a new gaming keyboard.

  • Excellent build quality
  • Wrist rest
  • Media keys
  • No software need
  • Anti-ghosting keys
  • Good tactile feeling
  • Not mechanical
  • LED issue
  • No braided cable



This is the FIODIO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard that features RGB rainbow backlighting. The keyboard is highly responsive and works well in a gaming session. One of the cool things with this keyboard is the detachable palm wrist rest and removable handset.

The keys are easy to press and barely with any sound. The keyboard is thin in fat that makes the keys a little bit higher and easy to clean. The wrist rest of the board made with magnetic made the typing experience more comfortable. However, it can be removed if you want.

The keyboard is thin so much less in weight. The number of keys on board is 104 anti-ghosting and very quick in response. Black switches are used on the board with background lighting. Background lighting made the keyboard more impressive and well designed.

One of the most like things about this keyboard is its gorgeous spectrum backlights. It has three DIY backlighting with 19 backlight modes. You can also change the brightness and keyboard light effect if you want. But by default lighting effects leave an impressive experience in a gaming session.

One of the unique features that make the FIODIO different from others is its metal-designed structure. All the keys are constructed with ABS plastic that is highly durable in its user experience. The design of the keyboard is splash resistant that means you don’t worry about the spills of water accidentally.

The keyboard only supports the window operating system. Our tested experience is the best mechanical gaming keyboard forever due to his excellent keystrokes. For a long period of time, it is a highly recommended keyboard for gaming as well as for typing experience.

  • Great rainbow LED
  • Excellent quality
  • Large size & responsive
  • Detachable palm wrist rest
  • Splash resistant design
  • ABS plastic keys
  • Only support windows

4- Razer Cynosa Chroma

Razer Cynosa Chroma
Razer Cynosa Chroma

The design and construction of Razer Cynosa Chroma is a hundred and four key membrane gaming keyboard that is entirely made with plastic. This is not too light as well as that you expect from a plastic keyboard. The plastic design of the keyboard is much like the black widow v2 gaming keyboard.

At the bottom of the board like other keyboards, it has a logo. The board keys are anti-ghosting and quick in response. The keys are well furnished, easy to use, and soft in touch. On the background of the keys, the keyboard light leaves an impressive experience for its user.

One of the great features that most gamers love in the gaming keyboard is its lighting. In this keyboard, the RGB lights are excellent and so exciting in dark mode. Razer Cynosa Chroma features 16.8 million color combinations. The board also supports 30 plus partners like Razer hardware, Philips hue, etc.

Like other Razer gaming keyboards, Razer Cynosa Chroma also used software to customize the lighting effect, a combination of key-press, and also used for reprogramming the keys. The construction of the keys is highly durable and supports up to 80 million strokes.

The keyboard is gorgeous in its feature, design, and construction material. All keycaps are worked great and quick in response. Most of the cool thing is its software that you can use for custom lighting effects or custom features that you may want on the keyboard.

It is the best alternate for a high-level Razer mechanical gaming keyboard. So, if you’re looking for a Razer gaming keyboard and you have a low budget, this is your perfect gaming keyboard. Definitely, it is solid in material and unique in its feature. Moreover, it can be connected with Alex devices.

  • Solid build quality
  • Great RGB lighting
  • Fantastic price
  • Adjustable feet
  • Full size & anti-ghosting keys
  • No wrist rest
  • Little bit noisily
  • Software issues with windows

5- DREVO Tyrfing V2

DREVO Tyrfing V2
DREVO Tyrfing V2

According to the RGB backlighting effect in a mechanical gaming keyboard, we pick this keyboard on the top list of gaming keyboards. DREVO Tyrfing V2 is a brilliant lighting effect and well attractive design. Its backlighting effect leaves a great impression on a gaming session.

In general, the design of the keyboard is minimal, and small in size. The size of the board is a little bit helps to save space on the desk. In this way, you have so much enough space for controlling the mouse movements. The keyboard is tenkeyless, small in size, and a little bit thin.

The keyboard connects to the computer through a USB wire. It has 87 keys with custom RGB lighting. For high color rendition, the board has 16.8 million color combinations with 14 different lighting modes. For custom-designed features, DREVO software is used on the board.

The small size keyboard does not have a wrist rest but it is still comfortable to use. Two rubber feet are used to place the keyboard on the desk. It is comfortable for your hands and saves space on the desk. It is a great keyboard for those who loved small size gaming keyboards.

The 87 rollover keys are in a compact design, and you can individually control them. The keycaps are made with ABS plastic. These keys delivered a well accurate and responsive result. Keys are not too loud, it is soft, smooth, and well designed.

One of the main features of DREVO Tyrfing V2 is the different color varieties of switches. The switches are available with this keyboard red, blue, and brown, you may choose from one of them. There’s nothing to be changed in the keyboard price, all the color switches are at the same price.

The DTEVO keyboard supports only Windows operating systems. To connect with the computer the keyboard has a USB cable. The keyboard has macro keys, media control, and a windows lock key. If you want to customize the keyboard feature you can download software from DREVO’s official website.

Come to the conclusion, the keyboard has a great RGB lighting effect you would never ever seen at that level of a gaming keyboard. Personally, we loved its lighting features, you would also see it is fitted with the size of the keyboard. While it is on the desk looks like a gorgeous gaming keyboard.

It is a fantastic gaming keyboard, solid build material, well attractive in design, thin and small in size, custom lighting effect, and its software efficiency. This board is definitely great for your gaming session and as well as for your typing experience.

  • Customize RGB backlit
  • Small & lightweight
  • Affordable price
  • Software easy to work
  • Super stable with rubber feet
  • Little bit noisily
  • Bad spacebar



After DREVO the STOGA is the best gaming keyboard from a lighting point of view. STOGA has the same lighting effect as you see in the DREVO gaming keyboard. The number of keys is also the same as we see in DREVO. The keyboard is small in size and lightweight.

The keyboard has fourteen backlight effect modes and these modes are not glare or fading. It is the perfect keyboard for any gaming setup. The board has a customizable LED backlight key in your favorite color. The keyboard has the feature to customize the color as you want.

It elevates you to the next level due to its impressive design element. The entire keyboard is constructed with metal. With the construction of metal, you don’t think about it being much heavier, it’s still less in weight and pretty much cool.

The keycap is made with solid metal and with the usage of a long period of time it cannot change its color shade. The text print on the keys are visible and pretty much nice in backlighting. The keyboard has a great keystroke feature, soft and nice sound. The keyboard does not look great but it also performs well in the competition.

The cool feature of STOGA is its connectivity. It can be connected with a wired USB 2.0 to all types of operating systems. You can connect with this keyboard not only windows but also connect IOS Android beside Linux operating system. This feature you cannot see in the DREVO gaming keyboard.

At the price, the keyboard is very clicky and good in its performance. This is a minimalistic keyboard, small in size, relatively light with excellent features that you may expect from a high level of a gaming keyboard. Definitely, it will not disappoint you in front of features.

The entire keyboard is great, good build quality, bright lighting, custom feature, solidly built keycaps, make the keyboard unique and responsive in competition. Definitely, in backlighting, no one can compete for DREVO and STOGA at this level of a gaming keyboard.

If you’re looking for a well-designed and responsive gaming keyboard both of these are highly recommended. But the main difference between them is operating system support. STOGA supports multiple operating systems while DREVO supports only the Windows operating system.

Overall function and feature are the same as other high-level gaming keyboards. The lighting of the keyboard does not matter, but the quality of the board first matter, after that you think about board lighting. So, in short terms, this is your best gaming keyboard for your gaming session besides your typing work.

  • Great lighting
  • Alloy base
  • Anti-ghosting keys
  • Support all operating system
  • Wired USB 2.0
  • Small size & lightweight.
  • Fantastic keyboard
  • No wrist rest
  • Rubber feet issue

7-Stplayer TKL

Stplayer TKL
Stplayer TKL

Another mechanical gaming keyboard at the top of the list is 1STPLAYER TKL, this is a wired gaming keyboard that comes with Cherry MX linear quiet red switches. The keyboard is available in different colors of switches blue, red, and brown.

The keyboards that are with blue Cherry MX linear quiet switches are more reliable, durable, and well in the design. Total 87 buttons are placed on the board with RGB backlighting. It is solid built quality, thin and small in size. The board is without wrist rest, but still comfortable and easy to use.

The board is small in size, so it takes less space on the desk, you have a large space on the desk for mouse movement. It is the best gaming keyboard for those who love small size keyboards. It is solidly constructed with amazing backlighting.

As per our experience, we found backlight is divided into six different zones. Thirteen different lighting modes with sixteen million color combinations made 1STPLAYER TKL a unique and well attractive gaming keyboard. You can adjust the brightness through up, down, left, and right keys.

The switches of the board are built with great quality, highly responsive, and take less force to press. All the keys feel smooth and easy to use. Switch options are available at the same price, it is your choice to pick red, blue, or brown switches.

The main noticeable thing is no software is included in this keyboard. Board keycaps are made with ABS plastic, molded with a double shot and it has a high click-stroke rate. The tested keystroke rate of keycaps is fifty million. Pressing the key volume is soft and feels smooth.

The keyboard is working with Windows and Mac operating systems. It will use all formats of windows but multimedia shortcut keys are not working with Mac operating systems. The board is wired and connected to your computer through a USB cable.

The keyboard backlighting is in the third number after STOGA and DREVO gaming keyboard. But its light is a little bit less as compared to both STOGA and DREVO. The overall design and build quality you can pick from one of as well as you like more.

If you don’t want to spend more money, the deal with this keyboard is great. You will get all of the features like mechanical keys, responsiveness feedback, and its light action. Definitely, it is recommended and this is going to be if you want to quit gaming.

  • Great RGB lighting
  • Cherry MX linear switches
  • USB cable
  • ABS keycaps
  • Wide compatibility
  • Smooth & comfortable
  • Very nice & responsive
  • Not yet

8-Hyper X Alloy

Hyper X Alloy
Hyper X Alloy

Hyper x alloy is the membrane gaming keyboard that is quite comfortable and designed with an RGB LED lighting effect. Like other Hyper x products, it is also built with solid quality, highly responsive, and easy to use. The keyboard connects to the computer through a USB 2.0 wired cable.

The RGB lighting effect is so excellent and fully customized. The board comes with six different lighting effects. You can choose one of them according to your choice. It is a full-size membrane gaming keyboard with less backlighting. The lighting leaves a great effect on the board body.

It’s pretty much a bright and well attractive keyboard. At the middle of the keyboard is the company logo and also at the bottom of the logo is a light bar. Around the right and left side short keys are available on the board. The keyboard is designed with a durable frame so it is a little bit spill-resistant.

The keys are anti-ghosting which is highly responsive and easy to use. The soft-touch keys provide a tactile feeling. While pressing the board keys it takes a little bit of force but it works fine and quick in their response. It has dedicated media keys and a large space bar.

The entire keyboard is made of solid plastic. If you expected it to be fat in weight it is flexible, no, it is lightweight, durable, and portable. When space bar row keys are end it is a little bit of wrist rest, actually, it is not wrist rest, it is the part of the keyboard frame but it gives you comfortable support while typing on it.

The keyboard connected to the computer through USB 2.0. Hyper x alloy only supports the window operating system. It has no feature to support other operating systems like Mac etc. So, if you are looking for a multiple operating system support keyboard then pick the other in the mentioned list.

Overall design and construction of the keyboard are excellent and really fantastic. It is not heavy, durable, and portable. Definitely, it is the perfect membrane gaming keyboard that makes really impressive your game session as well as long.

  • Solid build quality
  • Great RGB LED lighting
  • Dedicated media keys
  • Quiet comfortable keys
  • Braided cable
  • Highly responsive
  • Only for windows
  • ABS keys



The SKYLOONG SK61 is a 60 percent mechanical gaming keyboard with fully programmable keys. The keyboard is RGB portable, small, compact, and fully waterproof. The total number of keys is 61hot swappable switches that support both Windows and Mac operating systems.

One of the cool things about this keyboard is it comes with different varieties of switches: Gateron brown, Gateron red switch, and Gateron blue switches. But as tested experience and user views, blue Gateron switches are great and well furnished. It depends on you what type of switches are comfortable for you.

All the variations of this keyboard are available at the same price. So, you don’t face any issues during the selection of this keyboard. The keyboard has gorgeous RGB lighting with 16.8 million colors. The keys are floating and adjustable with multiple RGB backlighting.

The keys are built with anti-ghosting technology, our tested experience all of the keys work simultaneously, we cannot find any intermittent or lagging issue. While the keyboard switches are Gateron, 100 million keystrokes, dual ABC color but the Gateron switches are not easy to fold.

The entire keyboards are waterproof and fully protected from dust. So, you’ve no fear of spill water or anything else during gaming sessions. The board is small in size, without the wrist rest, durable and portable. Due to less weight, it is solid, smart, and easy to carry.

A limited number of keys reduces its size, so definitely it takes less space on the desk. The keyboard supports both Mac and Windows operating systems. It is highly compatible with all versions of windows. Exactly it made your game or working experience enjoyable.

The keyboard is more stylish and looks well attractive. The small size keyboard has a stair-up keycap that brings maximum comfort and keeps your hand on the board in a natural way. So, definitely, it is designed for the gamer, typewriter, programmer, and also for the editor.

The feature and construction of the keyboard are absolutely excellent. it is not suitable for gaming, it can be also used for other purposes like editing or office work. If you’ve decided to buy a new keyboard this is your best mechanical gaming keyboard.

  • Fully programmable keys
  • Hot-swappable switches
  • Great RGB lighting
  • Small compact & portable
  • Simple & durable design
  • Keycaps issue

10- AULA F2088

AULA F2088
AULA F2088

The AULA F2088 is a mechanical gaming keyboard that features a detachable wrist rest. The keyboard panel is made with metal, RGB backlit with 104 anti-ghosting keys. The keyboard by default prepaid with blue switches. The board connected to the computer through a USB wire.

It is a wired full-size mechanical gaming keyboard, solidly built quality, and rainbow RGB backlighting. AULA is one of the best companies that manufactured a technology-related product. All of their product is independently built with high-quality material.

This keyboard also builds with high-quality material, great lighting, less in weight, quick in response, and the best thing it’s wrist rest. At that level of gaming, keyboards are not well featured but it contains all feature that you expect from a high price mechanical gaming keyboard.

Keys are well maintained on the board, on the right side top corner is the volume wheel, and media control keys with a nice look. The brightness of the keyboard is controlled with the volume wheel. The total number of lighting effects available on the board is 22, that’s was so cool for any gaming keyboard.

The keys and lighting effect are reprogrammable. You can customize them according to your needs. All the keys are made with anti-ghosting technology. Moreover, the magnetic detachable wrist rest makes typing or playing sessions comfortable.

The AULA F2088 is designed to give you more tactile feedback and click sound as compared to normal keyboards. The board gives you a well accurate result, highly responsive, and more comfortable to use, it doesn’t matter in playing games or typing.

This is a really awesome mechanical gaming keyboard from a price point of view. It is soft while pressing keys, well designed, rainbow backlighting, twenty-two lighting effect, and blue switches. According to its performance and response, this is the perfect gaming keyboard. So, definitely recommended this one

  • Detachable wrist rest
  • Rainbow RGB LED-backlit
  • Anti-ghosting keys
  • Multimedia keys
  • Full size & quick response
  • Not yet


Keyboards are the gateway to your computer or system. When you prefer a faster mouse also done in the same way as the keyboard. The best budget gaming keyboard ensures the best gaming experience as well as long.

All of the keyboards we mention in the list are tested and highly valuable in the gaming experience. We prepared the list after considering their user views and market trend. Definitely, all of these keyboards are the best gaming keyboard under $50. You would not be disappointed with your low budget. Let’s you decide to pick one of them, to make your gaming session enjoyable as well as long.

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