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Best Gaming Mouse: The best gaming mouse comes with its excellent feature and its reliability. When you want to pick the best gaming mouse under your limited budget, you think the mouse contains features like an expensive gaming mouse. Many things come to mind during the purchase of the best gaming mouse. Its quality, sensor dpi, is wireless or wired, design, and battery life, which is the best gaming mouse for me.

So, in that situation, you are not able to decide which of the gaming mouse is the best gaming mouse for you. When you buy a new gaming mouse you should keep in mind the following things below we explain and in the end, we mentioned the best gaming mouse under 50 $ you can pick one of them and enjoy the game playing.                               

The sensor of a gaming mouse is its most important component and there are generally two options available for you: laser or optical sensors. Which is best for gamers has been the topic of some heated debates in the gamer circle. However there’s no definite better one, just one advantage and disadvantages to both, let’s check them out briefly with laser sensors. 

Laser sensors are more versatile and adaptable to different surfaces on the other hand with optical sensors you need a mouse-pad to get the best out of it. Laser mice are also a bit more accurate than optical brethren. However, their sensitivity to dust and skipping issues under high acceleration makes them a bit annoying sometimes. 

The liftoff distance is also an issue with the laser sensors since you’ve to lift your mouse a bit higher to not cause unnecessary movement. The second thing in mouse is dpi, every mouse in the market will have its dpi rating regardless of if it’s a gaming mouse or your normal office mouse. The higher the DVI rating of a mouse the less movement.

It takes you to move the cursor on the screen simply to put a higher sensitivity at a higher speed. Most gamers, on the other hand, play with a dpi range spanning from 800 to 1600 but then again some swear by higher ratings. It’s all dependent on the game you’re playing and what kind of performance you need.

There are a lot of gaming mice out there that allow you to change the dpi setting on the fly. The last in the mouse when you buy it is wired or wireless. In the last few years, wireless peripherals have risen in prominence and they’re a convenient choice for gamers these days. A lot of gamers swear that they’ll never replace a wired mouse with a wireless one due to reliability. 

A lot of gamers are afraid about input lack of battery life and other issues that may occur in wireless mice but the wireless mouse is the future of the market, today is still predominant with wired models. In a few years, we’ll see them become rarer. Here we mentioned the best gaming mouse under 50 $ in your affordable budget. 

Best gaming mouse under 50$ of 2021





HyperX Pulsefire Surge - RGB Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

Razer Atheris Ambidextrous Wireless Mouse

MSI Clutch GM30 6200 DPI Adjustable Omron Switch 

Logitech G203 Prodigy RGB Wired Gaming Mouse 

Corsair Ironclaw RGB - FPS and MOBA Gaming Mouse

Redragon M913 Impact Elite Wireless Gaming Mouse

UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse RGB Wired

Redragon M801 PC Gaming Mouse LED RGB Backlit MMO

Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Gaming Mouse

Razer Basilisk Essential Gaming Mouse

1-HyperX Pulsefire Surge 

HyperX Pulsefire Surge
HyperX Pulsefire Surge

When choosing a mouse, the shape is extremely important for comfort and aim, that’s where the HyperX Pulsefire Surge got it right. There is more to mass choice than that there are also weight balance buttons kept quality. The mouse comes with a high-quality optical sensor with great shape, design, and lots of RGB. 

The lighting rating of the mouse with RGB is 360 degrees, which is totally dynamic. The sensor of the mouse is Pixart 3389 with dpi up to 16000. The mouse has an Omron switch that is reliable for 50 million clicks. If you want to customize the features of the mouse HyperX NGenuity software available, you can set the mouse function according to your needs. 

For easy gliding large skates and to store customizations it has onboard memory. An edge in customizable style stunning light ring will give you smooth lighting RGB 360 light ring. For point accuracy fluid and responsive tracking, it provides dpi setting up to 16000. For this purpose to provide a dpi setting it used the Pixart 3389 sensor that is a highly advanced sensor for this kind of mouse.

The mouse has a highly efficient Omron switch that provides 50 million clicks and also provides crisp tactile feedback. You can customize the mouse setting, dpi, and program button and also store it onboard memory with HyperX software. You can set at least 3 profiles to your Pulsefire Surge. With these complementary HyperX Pulsefire Surge, you can complete your gaming setup.

It comes with a solid gaming wireless connection, with 30 hours plus battery life. The mouse has the capability to work both on PC and PS4. The mouse also works with the HyperX mouse pad without any problem. 

Overall we see at a look of the mouse build quality, design, sensor performance, and battery life is excellent. Feel free comfortable in hands, nice smooth tracking, strong grip, and RGB customization feature. At last, this is your perfect gaming mouse, if you want to replace the old mouse or looking to buy a new gaming mouse this is your first choice. According to their feature and reliability, we mentioned it as one of the best gaming mice on the top list of a gaming mouse. 

  • Ambidextrous design
  • High DPI range
  • Gorgeous RGB lighting
  • Great performance
  • Advanced sensor
  • Easy to use
  • Bugs in software

2-Razer Atheris Ambidextrous

Razer Atheris Ambidextrous
Razer Atheris Ambidextrous

This raises an entry-level gaming mouse that doubles up as a potable productivity mouse. The mouse design is the ambidextrous meaning you can use it with the right hand or left hand. You can also remap the mouse using Razer Synapse software. You can double up the keys using the hyper shift function and you can adjust performance like a dpi setting. It has no chroma lighting but it’s fine.

This is a wireless mouse you can connect it in two ways, USB dongle or Bluetooth. High-quality optical sensor 7200 dpi used in the mouse.  It offers a high sensitivity adjustment with 1000 Hz ultra polling. The battery life of the muse is very high up to 350 hours, such long battery life no other mouse competitor provides. With the mouse, two extra batteries come that extend the gaming session. 

Its switch works with adaptive frequency technology, which allows him for stable connection and data transmission. For maximum accuracy, the mouse ridged the rubberized scroll wheel. Large parts of the mouse are made with rubber that allows the user a strong grip on the mouse. For more controlled scrolling in high-stakes gaming, situations allow small tactile bumps to increase. 

The mouse also has 5 programmable buttons, that are used for personalizing mouse settings. Through Razer synapse, 3 assignments of complex macro function these buttons allow remapping. Durable mechanical mouse switches support up to 50 million clicks. The main important thing about the mouse is 2 years warranty. You have no fear of the loss of money. 

The performance of the mouse is very good during game playing. It optimizes its work and plays, the mouse is an ergonomic body with excellent features. Razer Atheris Ambidextrous is available in a different color, black or white, etc. The mouse click response, buttons sound high quality and there is no issue during the gameplay, so this mouse completes your game setup. 

In short, the design and development of the mouse are very nice and excellent. The color of the mouse is according to the user’s needs, you can pick according to your choice. The function and performance of the mouse are very good even in the low price device you can get all the features that you expect from an expensive mouse. Finally, this is your perfect gaming mouse, hope you get the advantage of the mouse with your limited budget. 

  • Compact & small size
  • Adjustable DPI & customizable
  • Polling settings
  • Excellent performance
  • Comfortable & affordable
  • Great battery life
  • No wired option
  • Close side button

3-MSI Clutch GM30

MSI Clutch GM30
MSI Clutch GM30

The MSI Clutch GM30 gaming mouse is part of the MSI new lineup of gaming. MSI Clutch GM30 gaming mouse in medium size. It’s almost a cross between a mouse that’s comfortable in a claw grip and a palm grip. Whichever you choose to use you won’t really have any issues. The mouse dragon scale side grips its injection-molded to give you much better traction when whipping the mouse from side to side in games.

The mouse is a premium-looking design with the fly control CPI. To the palms and fingers, the MSI Clutch GM30 prioritizes comfort with design. The MSI Clutch GM30 isn’t quite entry-level but cuts costs with a lower CPI count than some similarly priced rivals, as well as fewer buttons. It is aided by a gamer-friendly button layout with a reliable sensor that has room to grow specs-wise. 

MSI Clutch GM30 very competitive gamers seeking a light-weight design should look elsewhere, but others might appreciate the Clutch GM30 substantive feel. It is specially designed for medium size gamers, who can use palm or claw grips. The mouse looks best with prismatic effects flowing from the top of the scroll wheel down to the dragon logo.

The mouse comes with Omron switches, the left and right side buttons click-ness are highly responsive. While the wheel of the mouse is easy to scroll. In gaming, it is easy to engage either of the two angular side buttons because the thumb may usually rest on them and they jut out sharply. The shape of the mouse is a u-shape with over 9 RGB lighting effects. 

The sensor of the mouse is 3327 with 6200 dpi, while the side buttons are effortlessly pressing polygonal. The Omron switch of the mouse supports 20 million clicks. The grip of the mouse is strong; it’s a double injection and scale dragon.  When we talk about the performance and durability of the mouse is excellent as you expect from a gaming mouse.    

If you decided to build a full gaming system setup, this is a great mouse. It’s comfortable and it synced with the rest of the system. The medium size mouse is very useful for both claw grip users or palm grip users. It is easy to use and comfortable in your hands. If you’re looking for a gaming mouse without waiting, recommended by anyone for you, this is your best gaming mouse. You would be glad after using the MSI Clutch GM30 gaming mouse. 

  • Good performance & durability
  • Versatile accessories
  • Smooth movement
  • RGB mystic light
  • Attractive design
  • Affordable & comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Less material quality

4-Logitech G203 Prodigy

Logitech G203 Prodigy
Logitech G203 Prodigy

Since its release, the Logitech G203 has been turning heads. Its simple aesthetic combined with a modern-day optical sensor and some flashy RGB lighting that looks extremely tasteful is very gamers’ dream. What’s attractive about the G203 is the setup. There’s nothing too glamorous about the shape or size, unlike some of the mice like the Razer Naga Chroma, which will appeal to more than just hardcore gamers. 

There are five buttons on the mouse, two on the top, the scroll wheel click, and two thumb buttons. It’s advertised as having six programmable buttons. Although the mouse follows an ambidextrous typestyle, meaning it can be used in both left and right hands, there are no thumb buttons for left-handed users.

The overall mouse is made from thin plastic making it extremely light to use. This feature is very dependent on preference though. The mouse build quality is strong, and the click of the button is very present. Some mice we see are cheaper specials that have very spongy mouse click unlike here where the actuation, although very low, feels sturdy enough to pound during intense rounds of the battlefield. 

Gamers will be keen to know that there are four adjustable settings to the mouse’s dpi. Ranging from 200 to 6000 there will be a sensitivity that will suit even the most precise of snipers. The ARM processing core also has a report rate of 100 Hz. The mouse has a USB interface and must use Logitech’s driver software to access these more advanced features. 

The software itself, compared to others, like Roccat’s Swarm and Fanatic’s own gear software is simple and has a very clean layout. For new-comers though, getting used to the main menu made up of symbols may take some getting used to. Using the software can lead to a number of customizations. 

You’re able to adjust things like the dpi and polling rate sensitivity. There are also customizable LED lights that can give you up to 16.8 million colors as well as onboard memory, so you can carry the mouse to other machines and it still remembers your settings. This on-board memory is something that according to experience is great. 

 It makes jumping straight into the action on someone else’s gaming machine that much smoother. Using the mouse during a few games of the battlefield, adjusting the dpi a few times to get it just right for playing style. Maybe you face only a problem with this mouse’s size, it is a small mouse and maybe you feel it’s uncomfortable but the size of the mouse does not affect its performance. 

  • Impressive performance
  • Solid sensor specs
  • Very accurate
  • Affordable price
  • Braided cable issue
  • Less in size

5-Corsair Ironclaw

Corsair Ironclaw
Corsair Ironclaw

Corsair Ironclaw is a fantastic gaming mouse that comes with some upgraded features. They made a lot of changes in the mouse. They’ve added more buttons, refined the design thrown in their award-winning wireless tech. Corsair Ironclaw is a gaming mouse really packed full of features. It comes with wired and wireless in both features available. You can pick one of these gaming mice according to your nature. 

The Corsair Ironclaw wireless comes with its sub-one-millisecond slipstream wireless technology as well as low latency Bluetooth. Which one is right for you that really depends on you but you don’t forget to take the advantages of slipstream technology. Slipstream also cuts the industry-standard one millisecond response time literally in half.

Basically, it’s Corsairs’ new wireless technology that was announced at CES. It’s twice as fast as their previous wireless space products and supports a huge range of up to 65 feet. The iron-claw mouse is designed specifically for larger hands. It’s in large grips and curvy economics would benefit anyone. It is famous for its professional gaming. 

The mouse build quality is pretty robust overall there’s a lot of plastic that is hardly uncommon with a gaming mouse. There’s a real finish to the textures of this mouse though with durable coatings where they matter the most. The switches are fantastic too and courser has gone with the well-trusted on wrong switches that are good for about 50 million clicks.

Three-zone RGB lighting gives you loads of customization. There is more light down the side of the mouse and they’re kind of a multi-purpose LED indicator set. These can show you dpi levels profiles battery status and even wireless connectivity as required. Using Corsair custom design Pixar PMW 3391 sensor you have a range of 100 dpi all the way up to a blazing 18000 dpi. 

For customization purposes 10 programmable buttons available on the mouse, that help you to set the custom setting of the mouse if you like. The mouse has all of the usual forward-backward dpi toggles, you can customize all of the buttons to suit your needs. You can also add macros shortcuts.

Overall the mouse feels really solid and comfortable. The multi-purpose LED is a nice touch too. The shape and design of the mouse are excellent and eye-catching. If you’re looking for a wired or wireless gaming mouse Corsair Ironclaw is your new gaming mouse, it has all the features that you expect from a gaming mouse.

  • Comfort for larger hands
  • Advanced optical sensor PMW3391
  • RGB two-segment
  • Textured grips
  • Battle Hardened
  • Good buttons
  • Scroll-wheel performance
  • Good internal specifications
  • Software abstruse
  • Heavy & stiff cable
  • Inconsistent looks

6-Redragon M913 Impact Elite

Redragon M913 Impact Elite
Redragon M913 Impact Elite

Redragon M913 Impact Elite is a wireless MMO gaming mouse, MMO stands for massively multiplayer online gaming. This mouse will give you up to 16000 dpi, a one-kilohertz polling rate, and a lot of other new features. This is a mouse that gives you a lot of styles that are extremely comfortable in hand and can be programmed in many different ways. 

It is a wired or wireless gaming mouse depending on how you want to use it and has a lot of features. The mouse has a waterproof surface, a rubber base, 20 buttons, great battery life, and 16 million colors. M913 has an optical sensor that can go up to 16000 dpi. The mainly plastic-built mouse is good in weight, and equally balanced, and really comfortable in your hands. 

The number of buttons on the mouse is 20, the left and right-click scroll wheel, dpi modes on the top middle a rapid-fire, and triple-click buttons. 12 buttons on the side which is the main reason why it’s an MMO mouse. The main feature of the mouse you would love is the turn button, which you can turn off or turn-on, and the eco mode button on the mouse. 

The Redragon M913 Impact Elite gaming mouse is the first Redragon mouse that has 12 buttons. These buttons are placed on the side of the mouse. For higher user experience wireless shortcut function with perfect combo. You can charge the mouse with a USB charging cable for only 4 hours. You can activate the mouse in any mode with a 1000 Hz polling rate and 40G acceleration.

High-quality sensor Pixart 3335 works in the mouse, different modes available in the mouse, if you make the battery time long, you can turn the mouse on eco mode, in eco mode, the battery life of the Redragon M913 Impact Elite mouse is up to 80 hours. If you can not perform any action within 9 minutes the mouse automatically goes on sleep mode. 

In short, the quality and performance of the mouse are excellent. The built and design of the mouse is attractive and eye-catching. Besides its great design and build quality, its performance is great, it is really comfortable in the hands, quick response on every click, and also has long battery life. So, the mouse includes all of the features that we expect from a gaming mouse. 

  • Affordable price
  • Ergonomic build
  • Precision mouse
  • Dual-mode
  • RGB lighting
  • Low consumption & eco mode
  • Great battery life
  • Limited customization
  • Too much weight

7-UtechSmart Venus

UtechSmart Venus
UtechSmart Venus

The UtechSmart Venus certainly doesn’t take a hit in the dpi department. With up to 16400 dpi, the amount is pretty much ridiculous, and goodness knows who will need that amount to be precise, moreover in an MMO game. Venus’s main attraction is its buttons on the side, and you will find 12 of them angled in different directions. 

These buttons are well designed and easy to use. Click and the response to the mouse button are very good and quick. The wheel of the mouse feels great as it scrolls through its notches. The lightning of the mouse is indeed well done and it does have an original design. The typical button and scroll wheel combination are great, it also has three other buttons on top. 

The two arrow buttons allow you to change the dpi quickly. It’s the four LEDs, and it also provides five dpi presets. The button to the left of the index finger button is programmable, which is very similar to the buttons on the original Razer Naga. According to each user’s habits and preferences, it can be programmed. They also have a high-precision RGB LED that is also customizable.   

The mouse has 12 programmable buttons, use for the driver and macro function, and also customize the mouse dpi sensitivity from 200 to 16400. For the different styles of games, it is a really useful gaming mouse. The RGB LED makes the weight of the mouse fit and really comfortable in the hands. The use of a mouse is easy, bringing more excitement and freshness for the gamer. 

The mouse works great for those games that need a lot of buttons. The mouse has great ergonomics and is incredibly responsive. It works great even with the max dpi sensor. The mouse overall looking design, feature, and build quality are good. If you’re looking for a professional gaming mouse within a limited budget this UtechSmart Venus does not disappoint you. 

  • Good design & responsive
  • Great ergonomics
  • Accurate tracking
  • Incredibly responsive sensor
  • Braided cable
  • Less LED lighting
  • For large hands

8-Redragon M801

Redragon M801
Redragon M801

Are you looking for a new gaming mouse but you don’t have a big budget Redragon M801 is your best budget gaming mouse. The mouse is wired or wireless grade. The battery life is up to 35 hours and the mouse has an excellent RGB LED. If the mouse RGB LED is off the mouse battery life up to 70 hours. That was the excellent battery time of this kind of mouse at this price level.

When the RGB LED lighting is off and you charge the mouse once its time of use is up to 70 hours. That was an excellent time for the battery and you have no fear while playing the games. For pro gaming, it has 40G acceleration and 16000 adjustable user dpi. During PC gaming or computer editing, the high-precision mouse sensor delivers pinpoint accuracy and is extremely responsive.

Redragon M801 is an RGB backlit programmable computer gaming mouse. It has 9 programmable buttons, 2 side buttons, a rapid-fire button, and also has 5 memory profile features with macro recording. This is an ergonomic gaming mouse. The M801 gives the computer an extreme and precise experience. The mouse is also featured with MMO gaming features.

For ultimate gaming control, it has durable smooth Teflon feet pads. The scroll wheel of the mouse is an anti-skid scroll with 9 programmable buttons. With the mouse a USB C cable also comes, his speed is 3 mm. The mouse is fully furnished with window operating system compatibility. The mouse is available in two different colors you can pick one of them as your nature.

In short the design structure and build quality of the mouse is great. While we talk about its performance is also excellent, due to its structure, design, and build material they are highly comfortable and easy to use. According to the price level of a mouse, it has all the features that we want in an expensive or high-level gaming mouse.

The button’s performance and click response of the mouse is also great. The RGB light affects the mouse profile making the mouse eye-catching and well furnished. Another feature that users want the customization setting of the mouse, this feature also comes with this mouse. You customized the mouse feature according to your needs.

This is the best gaming mouse. Nice weight, high quality, and very comfortable to use and you can put your hands in a good position. In short, if you’re looking for a gaming mouse and you have not sufficient money or budget this is your perfect and best gaming mouse. It has all the features that you expect from a gaming mouse.  

  • Precise laser sensor
  • Great ergonomics
  • Dynamic backlighting
  • High quality
  • Good grip
  • Affordable & comfortable
  • Both wired & wireless
  • Awkard feel
  • Lagging

9-Razer Viper Mini

Razer Viper Mini
Razer Viper Mini

This Razer Viper Mini comes in great shape, 60 grams weight, and highly responsive. It has a great scroll wheel and you have no need for synapse software. The sensor used in the mouse is 8500 optical sensors that are as highly responsive as their competitor mouse. The switches of the mouse are faster as compared to traditional mechanical switches. Razer Viper Mini switch used light beam-based actuation. 

To preset profile or RGB color customization, the mouse includes a color combination of 16.8 million. Reconfiguration and assessment of complex macro functions have 6 programmable buttons. You can customize the feature of the mouse using a razer synapse 3. The build material of the mouse is great and well developed. For supreme accuracy, a razer speed flex cable is used in the mouse. 

The click response of the mouse is good.  It has nice feet customizable RGB on the back end logo. It’s well made with materials that feel good and they grip well because of the textured plastic. It also has optical switches to avoid double click issues and they have ultra-low latency. 

Razor has been getting the best results. The viper mini is one of the best mice in the market. It’s asymmetrical design with buttons on the left only and unlike the other vipers, it has a dpi on top. The build construction material mostly used plastic. The mouse button click sound is good and not noisy. The mouse has onboard memory to save your setting. 

It’s an amazing small mouse with a lot of great features. The really good shape at an extremely low price. The mouse is really good, comfortable in both left and right hands, well balanced, and easy to use. Recommended for gaming lovers.

  • Excellent optical switches
  • Affordable
  • Higher max DPI
  • Better grip
  • Smart design & lightweight
  • Speedflex cable
  • Not ambidextrous

10-Razer Basilisk Essential

Razer Basilisk Essential
Razer Basilisk Essential

This mouse is one of the newest expansions to the mouse family, razer decided to make a more affordable and high-quality mouse for their users. So, this is the Razer Basilisk Essential that comes with a lot of advanced features, the mouse has an optical sensor with 6400 dpi. Chroma RGB lighting and 7 programmable buttons with mechanical switches. 

The mouse is reprogrammable to set dpi according to your needs. The mouse is fully sensitive and it has a high precision optical sensor of 6400 dpi. The color combination of the mouse is 16.8 million including preset profiles. You set the profile with the RGB chroma color customization feature. For FPS gaming it has a quick dpi toggle. 

The side button of the mouse allows quick setup for different kinds of hands. The mouse has an ergonomic design. The scroll wheel of the mouse is rubberized that provides a strong grip on the mouse with high accuracy. The programmable buttons are used to customize mouse settings and other macro functions. 

The switch of the mouse is a highly durable mechanical switch that provides up to 50 million clicks. The mouse comes with a two-year warranty and you have no fear of loss of money. Overall the design structure, build quality, and performance of the mouse is great and you would have not faced an issue during your gaming playing session.

Razer Basilisk Essential is a very fine mouse, it is very comfortable in the hands and puts less stress on it. It is very ergonomic which is great for long game sessions. According to his price, it meets all the features that you look for in the gaming mouse. If you want to buy a new mouse or replace an old mouse and you require a huge session of gaming and you have a limited budget this is your perfect and best gaming mouse. 

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Responsive optical sensor
  • Great price
  • Slick design
  • Removable paddle
  • Razer software for customization
  • Less sensitivity range
  • No detachable USB cable
  • Not for left hands



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