Best women running shoes 2021

Do you want to become a good, faster, and stronger runner? Running does not require any equipment but a good pair of shoes will help you for the best running. If you are a beginner or have been pounding in the street you need a good pair of shoes.

Best shoes that suit women’s body mechanics and be comfortable for them. When you purchase the best shoes it’s really important the shoe design and its quality. While purchasing the right pair of shoes the important thing is to understand the different designs, types of traction, and specific purposes, may you use for racing, trailing running, or on road.

We researched and tested many shoes. After that, we recommended these best running shoes for women and they were used for most types of running. These shoes are best in design, lightweight, breathable upper, and durability to grind after mile from the mile.

When you pick shoes for running it is comfortable but when you run a few miles you realize it’s not reliable for your foot. So, choosing the right pair of shoes is a very difficult task. The right pair of shoes is not about the color, brand, or designed, it’s also fit according to your foot measurement.

When you use unsuitable shoes it becomes the cause of the injury of many runners. First, to make sure the shoes are optimum support, ligaments prevent damage, tendons, and joints. The selection of the best running shoes must match the shape of the foot and your running style.

The frequent question you might be thinking in the selection process of the right pair of shoes, how many miles you can run, what is the surface for running, performance maintenance, and many others that come into your mind.

According to your specification, we overcome your problem of choosing the right pair of shoes. Here we recommended the best running shoes for women. Get one of them and use almost every type of running.

Best Women Running Shoes for 2021

Best Women Running Shoes


ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 27


HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Clifton 6


Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 16 Waveknit


New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V10


Asics Women’s Gel-Cumulus 22


Brooks Women’s Glycerin 18


Brooks Women’s Ghost 12


Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 20


Brooks Women’s Ravenna 11 


Nike Women’s Competition 

1-ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 27

ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 27
ASICS Women’s Gel-Kayano 27

Asics this is the Gel Kayano 27 running shoe coming in at just 27 ounces. These shoes offer great protection whether you’re running on the road at the gym. The update for these shoes is primarily focused on the fit both around the foot as well as the cushioning underneath your foot.

This type of shoes increased the amount of room in the forefoot to improve the overall fit and also increased the toast spring in order to allow a more comfortable ride from the heel strike to Toa you.

You really see the difference in the toe spring when you put the Gel Kayano 26 running shoe. Next to the gel 27 running shoes, the upper itself is constructed of a softer more breathable mesh. The heel has a slightly wider fit and an increased ankle sponge in order to allow for better lockdown and improved comfort.

The Gel Kayano 27 shoe sole has been updated with amplified midsole technology which provides all-day underfoot comfort. Additionally, the jelly technology has been repositioned to be closer to the ground, these two updates provide cushioning and comfort.

Gel Kayano 27 has a fantastic foam that gives you really supreme cushioning when running as well as giving you some really good energy return. Gel Kayano 27 features a rather thick soft, foot-bed which is going to give you really increased cushioning on the run.

But if you want to change that with your custom foot-bed that is obviously really to do so too. So, those three features the fight foam gel and the foot-bed that’s going to give you a really cushioned ride. Over all-around shoe so it’s going to be good for your day-to-day training runs as well as your long-distance runs with a few kinds of shorter sprinter runs chucked in there too.

Due to his specific design, the women’s trusting system gives you support over the rolling front of the action of your stride. This female model also incorporates three millimeters of extra foam on the outsole as well as that also midsole, the shoe is ever so slightly softer.

Asics Gel Kayano 27 softer giving a more natural role through your whole gait cycle. The new gel supports a stability shoe and ASIC’s cool that sort of technology duo max technology. Inside of the shoe has got a stiffer firmer foam to the outside of the shoe which is going to neutralize that overpronation to some extent which you can even see and feel by pushing down on the outside of each corner of the heel there.

So, basically, what this is going to do if you’re an overpronator it’s going to really help neutralize your gait running, giving you much more support and really keep you injury-free. As well as the duo max technology to help over-pronation, basically is just this piece of plaster that diagonally goes across the shoe and a nice bit of added support in your midsole here.

All of these comforts feature going to make for really comfortable stability for medium to long-distance runs. Gel Kayano 27 heel hold and cushioning are really nice and plush which gives you all-day comfort. For longer runs, this shoe is ideal for you. So, to wrap it up if you’re after a super comfortable medium to long-distance supportive running shoe then this could really be the one for you.

  • Breathable & more dynamic
  • Wide variety of foot shapes
  • Smooth Heel
  • Midsole strike to toe-off
  • Propel cushioning flyte foam
  • Price Tag
  • Slightly heavier

2-HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Clifton 6

HOKA ONE Women’s Clifton 6
HOKA ONE ONE Women’s Clifton 6

The Hoka Clifton 6 is a neutral running shoe meaning it’s best for people who have a neutral foot so you don’t pronate and you don’t supinate your king of just nice in the middle people who have really flat feet or people who have really high arches tend to have either pronation or supination average arch this is a good shoe for you.

If you know what shoes you’ve run in the past that have been really comfortable and really good for you. You can look those up and ok, this is supporting you, or is this a neutral shoe and then from there you can determine would this be a good fit for you. In basic terms, it’s a nice cushiony shoe but it’s also very responsive.

This shoe looks for some good long-distance running shoes, really light, good cadence while running and it’s really amazing, how light these are and how they just roll and rock with your feet. Technically they are 7.4 ounces each which are actually on the lighter spectrum they are on the lighter end of the shoe which is awesome and tons of color available pic one of those.

This shoe contains a huge range of running, but it depends on the type of terrain that you’re running on whether it’s sidewalk or asphalt. If you run up hills it is really hilly and you’re kind of scuffing up the bottom or there are so many factors that go into it.

How much you weigh things like that and those are all just very baseline. You know things that set us apart as runners, in general, the mileage that you get out of them will also adjust based on that.

This shoe is ideal for road running but it’s also great for long distances walking even for jobs where you spend a lot of time on your feet. Tons of people spend a lot of their time on their feet, they would come in looking for Hocus specific because they knew that it was really comfortable and it was really taken care of their feet.

HOKA Clifton 6 version goes from a 27-millimeter stack height in the heel down to a 22-millimeter stack height in the forefoot and weighs 7.4 ounces or 209 grams. What makes the Clifton made the great series, it has a soft smooth, and cushioned ride. 

Smoother ride and more comfortable fit the six featured an embroidered design which helps lock down your foot without adding any extra weight.

 Eleven grams lighter than its predecessor that Clifton six offers a more accommodating arch as well as a more roomy forefoot. The Clifton is known for its cushioning and this model follows suit the midsole foam offers a similar ride to Clifton 5. It strikes a balance between cushion and resilience.

The early-stage mater rocker offers a smooth ride and the full compression Evie midsole offers that signature cushioning that Hoka fans have expected. Overall the Clifton 6 is an approachable trainer for any road warrior whether you’re logging easy miles or looking to hit faster speeds.

  • Always lightweight shoe
  • Light mesh upper supports
  • Embroidered reinforcement upper
  • Active foot frame
  • Toe box room
  • Racing companion
  • Amazing fit & feel
  • Sole wear
  • Durability issue

3-Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 16 Waveknit

Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 16 Waveknit
Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 16 Waveknit

Wave inspire 16 used the signature technology the wave plat. This technology provides cushioning at heel strike and stability. These wave amplitudes are higher at the rear foot on the medial side. The wave inspire 16 also has a euphoric x heel wedge, this provides a really soft and cushioned landing for the runner.

At the season wave updated upper, this has a nice sleek internal toe cap and some really lovely overlays through the midfoot area that provide extra stability required on the run. In that shoe, a drop eyelet provides additional stability when lacing.

The inspire 16 falls in the stability category also it is considered an everyday trainer. So, you’re probably going to use this on the road’s track treadmill more to get your base mileage everyday mileage. It is slightly sleeker and cleaner still tried and true midsole. This shoe pretty much stayed exactly the same as far as the bottom unit the upper did get an update.

So, the bottom unit is still going to be euphoric X midsole with wave plate technology and give you a nice smooth soft ride for this shoe. The upper is updated. They did weaken the eyelet position around your foot, that going to give you a more locked-in feel.

This version is the wave knit upper that’s going to give you a more accommodating fit. It’s going to move with your foot a little bit better and just kind of fit on your foot a little bit more personal on custom. The wave inspires 16 is also available in both standard and wide fits for women. This model is the perfect shoe for the runner that’s looking for a supportive yet responsive.

  • Comfort & breathability
  • Upper redesign
  • High durability & stability
  • Heavy heel-striking gait
  • Forefoot flexibility
  • Built for miles
  • Heavy & bulky
  • Stiffness

4-New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V10

New Balance Women's Fresh Foam 1080 V10
New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam 1080 V10

Fresh foam 1080 version 10 it’s a complete redesign first and foremost fresh foam X midsole you could tell it’s new because it’s nice and soft this hypo knit upper. All caps with their upper technologies but hypo knit really wants you to know that it’s knit. It has this interesting almost skeletal-like design aesthetic on the upper a Legolas-like heel cup, plenty of bounce, plenty of flexibility.

In there the fresh foam 1080 version 10 is a neutral long-distance cushioned spring ride with an 8-millimeter drop from heel to toe could this be the new cushioned trainer for the masses a shoe that can go the distance from anywhere 5k marathon and beyond.

For those who are looking to just get out and do nice long plods on the road could this be it? Fresh foam x is the midsole, this midsole is pretty damn awesome it’s resilient it’s soft it is springy it gives you plenty of bounce while also cradling your foot and it’s great for those long plots out there have you done 13, 14, or 18 miles from these shoes.

Zero problems in these shoes and it’s not that kind of foam that sucks your foot in. So, over long distances your foot gets sore and muscle fatigue because it’s just too good a balance. The fresh foam should have been from the very first time. The upper so hype owns it, huh well every brand has their version of it upper.

The hypo knit from a new balance is right up there with some of the best of them. It’s a really well-thought-out knit upper where there’s plenty of structure and thickness where it needs to be especially across the midfoot for that lacing and proper fit fell but across the toe box it’s a lighter stretchier knit mesh that really accommodates larger feet.

You get plenty of stability here through the midfoot, this upper definitely helps compensate for that. The structure of these shoes is thin, light, and stretchy. The ride in the fresh foam 1080 is probably one of its best features; it’s extremely dynamic and gives you plenty of toe-off with a soft but nimble midsole you really get a smooth foot strike all the way.

This new version of fresh foam 1080 has a fantastic ride better than previous versions. In the shoe across a very stretchy upper. The shoe is still pretty heavy and a lot of weight is shifted towards the back. Those of you who are looking for a trainer that can go long distances provide you with plenty of comfort and some fun dynamics with this new midsole.

The new balance fresh foam 1080 v10 really nice that hypo knit upper is fun solid construction materials, plenty of soft and comfortable. This shoe’s a little bit extra durability be used to having an eight-millimeter heel, extra weight, and extra height in that heel you’ve done to stay up in your forefoot.

You’ll definitely scuff back end a little bit, forfeit it will take some dialing.  The upper specifically over the toe box is very stretchy and accommodating new balance is also really good about providing widths. It will give you plenty of comfort for long miles.

  • Fresh Foam X provides
  • Stable ride for high mileage
  • Responsive & firm cushioning
  • Outsole grip & lightweight
  • Width options
  • Everyday training footgear
  • Constrictive toebox
  • Heel might scare

5-Asics Women’s Gel-Cumulus 22

ASICS Women's Gel-Cumulus 22
ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 22

If you’ve worn the cumulus in the past where you already love the fit of Asics you are definitely going to love the latest iteration. The Asics Cumulus 22 does not have carbon fiber plates or extra bouncing missiles; it’s a dependable daily training shoe that’s built to last.

The women’s Asics cumulus 22 weighs in at 6.9 ounces and it has a ten-millimeter heel-to-toe drop so just under that standard 12-millimeter drop. If you’re used to a training shoe with a more minimal drop, anything from 6 millimeters to 0 millimeters that’s the difference from the heel to the toe.

Asics cumulus Women it’s a neutral everyday trainer design for the road and track. While Asics did add overlays around the midfoot of the shoe the toe box is really clear of these and that helps to enhance how stretchy this is in the top and how much room you have for your toes display.

The cushion around the heel, the ankle, and the tongue definitely has this really classic running shoe tongue that’s soft and plush and just feels good for those daily miles. This is no doubt a shoe that when you put it on you just feel like you’re offering your foot a premium experience.

It also has a very standard lacing system, nothing special about that it does have the eyelet if you want to enhance the fit with a marathon lacing. Asics used to fight film itself and gel units to cushion the ride. So, the flight film is really lightweight and also creates a soft underfoot feeling.

Asics has its signature gel units in the back of this shoe. Versatility not only is the cumulus 22 great for logging your daily maintenance miles. It is also really good for home workouts which is something we’re all doing a lot of rights. This version has more cushioning in the heel than the previous iteration and it also a little bit lighter, which might be due to a reduction in the overlays on the shoe.

  • Plush heel & secure grip
  • Right fit optional widths
  • Supportive cushioning
  • Improve flexibility
  • Smooth toe-off
  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable
  • Puffy tongue & heel
  • Lacking forefoot cushioning

 6-Brooks Women’s Glycerin 18

Brooks Women’s Glycerin 18
Brooks Women’s Glycerin 18

The new Brooks Women’s Glycerin 18 this shoe is a max cushion daily trainer pretty much the top of the range in your neutral cushion range from brooks. So, pretty much we’re looking at that firm milk, our maximum cushioning all the way underneath and overall really comfy shoe breaking it down.

Who this shoe is for but looking at a neutral runner, someone with a high arch and not too much of a flexible foot. Maybe someone who needs a little bit more support looks more so towards the adrenaline or the transcend both those shoes utilized eyebrows.

This one is designed for someone who may heel strike midfoot or even forefoot strike but stay relatively neutral throughout the whole strike. Anywhere from that kind of 5 km all the way up to the marathon the shoe is going to work quite nicely. As it does use that kind of maximum cushioning

So, breaking down the shoe we’re looking at the outer sole to start using a green rubber running from your heel to your forefoot. A lot more rubber kind of feeling that maybe all slides that act somewhat like a stabilizer to the king of.

On the middle side if you do have moment laziness, being a neutral shoe you have quite a few flakes screws at that forefoot area that does make it quite a flexible shoe, especially on that toe-off.

The shoe is really well designed and you can quite easily get from your heel to your forefoot quite quickly, where the heel strike men foot strike or even land on your forefoot. The shoe will work well and quite durable. The midsole uses a full DNA loft cushioning system which is Brookes softs responsive cushioning.

The Cushioning system does stack up nicely, the cushioning system will last quite a while going to stay nice and soft does give you a real plush feel on the foot and it gets passed through some of the other models. This shoe is very comfortable, you put it on it feels quite a soft straightaway and is fairly responsive.

Opera’s one of the best uppers they’ve done on the glycerin so you’ve got a really soft engineered mesh wrapping around the whole foot. It does kind of feel somewhat more stretchy than previous models, it wraps around the foot quite nicely. Especially over that midfoot area and your heel counter as well you’re going to a fair bit of padding around the collar.

If you like a more push and feel around the back there these are going to work quite nicely. Glycerin 18 has full-length DNA loft double jack card mesh up top some 3d printed overlays a kind of rigid heel cup which provides a lot of lockdown and support there.

Flex grooves here and a lot of rubber on the outsole to give you that good road stability when you’re out there running on wet roads, dry roads, whatever you want.

It is a lot more responsive and it pops off the floor or the pavement or whatever road surface you’re on. This is your daily trainer shoe, that’s why it’s one of the brick’s most popular shoes. For your typical training workout, this is an amazing shoe to try, highly recommend checking this shoe.  

  • Well-cushioned & Extremely comfortable
  • Smooth & soft ride
  • Streamlined
  • Excellent traction
  • Lighter & more flexible
  • Wide verities of foot size & shapes
  • Tight toebox

7-Brooks Women’s Ghost 12

Brooks Women’s Ghost 12
Brooks Women’s Ghost 12

Brooks Women’s Ghost 12 this shoe has a lot of comforts right out of the box. The big highlight of this shoe is that if you’re a Brooks 11 fan you probably really enjoyed the DNA loft cushioning in the heel area, that was a big thing for heel strikers. One of the criticisms thought of the shoe was that the cushioning felt so great that people wanted it throughout the shoe.

Brooks took note and they extended the cushioning, you’ll get the DNA lock cushioning throughout the shoe and also that bio Mogo cushioning as well. What it does is that really builds the responsiveness of the run and the comfort.

The other element of the shoe that’s changed from previous models is the 3d footprint engineered mesh upper. This upper is super comfortable it’s breathable it really fits around your foot and secure feel.

This shoe has the plushness of the Steppin plushness of their ghost models. Some other quick specs for you to the shoe are nice to point four ounces for women and it has twelve-millimeter drops. Foot into the shoe putting very comfortably and incredibly plush.

It is a very padded cushy tongue and then the whole heel area is very cushioned as well too and the soft mesh upper feels really great. This shoe is really breathable, really comfortable, really provided the right amount of support without being constricting.

Brooks ghost 12 great cushion shoe for people who are wanting to do longer runs in the shoe but want to feel a little bit that road feel also great for shorter runs as well and highly recommend doing that make sure it’s the right shoe for you.

  • Cushioned & smooth ride
  • Outsole grip
  • Plush heel collar & grip
  • 3D fit print upper
  • Toe box room
  • BioMoGo DNA midsole
  • Premium materials
  • Multiple widths
  • No carbon fiber plate

8-Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 20

Brooks Womens Adrenaline GTS 20
Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 20

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 is a stability running shoe designed to a soft cushion filled whilst remaining responsive. The cushioning is provided by the responsive bio Mogo DNA foam stacked above a soft DNA lock crash pad.

Stability is achieved through the guardrail’s allistic support system which is focused on keeping you moving comfortably by keeping excess movement in check. A new streamlined engineered mesh upper of his structure and proven thick without excess bulk   

Whilst brooks made quite a big change when they moved from the GTS 18 to the GTS 19. The move to the 20 seems far more subtle and really just a refinement well. This shoe is lighter than the predecessor, it’s about 20 grams lighter in 11 ounces. It is quite noticeable the difference in weight on the GTS 20 compared to the GTS 19.

It’s really cushioned and feels really comfortable and soft. The cushioning here on the shoe is very comfortable and it does feel more responsive. This shoe really lives up to its name of the go-to shoe in the Brooks Range. It consumes Eddy runners and you can use it to soak up those miles when you are doing your training.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 20 provides stability through the guide rail system. The guide rails either side of the shoe which helps to realign your foot and your leg as you’re running if you need it. It’s a bit like bumpers at a bowling alley, the bumpers are up and bowl to the side. The bumpers are going to realign and help to put things right.

For neutral running, there is no need for stability most of the time. This is not going to interfere with your running style over-pronate it helps you to realign your foot. Particular focus with this system in that it tries to help to prevent knee injuries, that was focused on the stability they provide.

The GTS 20 outsole changed, see plenty of rubber there and that is going to give you lots of grips whether you are running in wet or dry conditions. The new upper certainly provides for a nice fit and whilst it’s only cosmetic.

In that show, there is a solid heel counter there which again is keeping your footwell and truly in this shoe and providing the stability that you’re looking for when you’re running in it.

GTS 20 has a brand new flex fit upper which has two layers of mesh. The inner layer is going to be a little more things almost feeling like a sock. Where the outer layer is very breathable and durable to make sure that you’re good to run in whatever conditions. The adrenaline GTS20  has good flex grooves.

All the way throughout the midsole and the outsole it gives you more flexibility while you run and make sure your foot can operate uniquely in your shoe. This shoe is available in widths including narrow regular wide and extra wide for women in various colors.

  • Cushioned & smooth
  • Supportive ride & Breathable
  • Comfortable with springy toe-off
  • Superb heel support
  • Appealing design
  • Multiple widths
  • Not versatile for speed workouts

9- Brooks Women’s Ravenna 11

Brooks Womens Ravenna 11
Brooks Women’s Ravenna 11

Brooks Ravenna 11 pretty much stayed the same shoe as it did before you still have the biome logo DNA cushioning. At the bottom of the foot as well as the midfoot transition zones and really going to give you a faster feel from heel to toe as you’re running in the shoe.

The biggest shoe is in the upper. It’s going to be a lighter weight up or a thinner upper. It’s also going to lock you in that midfoot and keep your foot nice and stable in the shoe. This is a lighter-weight shoe and it does have a little bit of a mild structure around the heel and a little bit more support shoe. This is going to be a great shoe for some of your faster day’s lighter weight running days

It is simple, responsive, good for tempo runs, and good for your daily training. Very versatile cushioning system giving it some stability, continued use of the guide rails. On the outsole, plenty of rubber for durability and traction as well as that midfoot transition zone create a smooth and fast takeoff.

Now updated the shoe, features a one-piece mesh it’s thin it’s simple, and reliable. This shoe keeps your foot locked down while also creating a very lightweight experience. If you liked the Ravenna in the past or just simply seeking a lightweight stability shoe the Brooks Ravenna 11 is the best shoe for you.

  • Lighter mesh & comfortable upper
  • Smoother & responsive fast ride
  • Offer guide rails
  • Not overbearing
  • Narrow & tight toe box

10- Nike Women’s Competition

Nike Women’s Competition
Nike Women’s Competition

Nike competition shoes perfectly fit, look, and feel the high quality you would expect from Nike. This shoe is very comfortable, lightweight, gorgeous, and made to last with high-quality material. The hardwood floors’ traction and grip is fine, no sliding around, with or without socks these shoes are amazing.  The material used in the shoe is unique, comfortable, and great in hot weather.   

This shoe is much more suited for a neutral footfall and better durability. They are light and provide great support. This is more comfortable as compared to other shoes while walking.  Stunning black and white Nike running shoes, the fit is spot on and they are very high quality and the design is stunning.

With spending a long time with these shoes really comfortable, more normal heel strike improving the gait pattern. This shoe is also used in the gym and for aerobics at home, providing great support. This shoe fits according to your specifications. It should be fit through the heel and arch. To get a comfortable and high-quality pic the shoe without wasting time.

  • Very comfortable & lightweight
  • Flexible Outsole
  • Budget-friendly
  • Midfoot
  • Flat Tongue


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