Tablet Buying Guide 2021

When you think to purchase new tablets or change the old version of tablets several things you should keep in mind in the process of purchasing new tablets. The selection of the best tablet devices becomes difficult. This guide will help to find the best and right device for you.

In terms of size and functionality tablets bridge between laptops and smartphones.  The tablets are very helpful in email, web browsing, and much easier to use in traveling. Most people used tablets for entertainment purposes. You also play portable games with tablets. This guide looks at the specifications, the functionality of tablets, very helpful to buy a tablet.

What is a tablet?

Tablet is a device similar to a laptop but it is much easier, thin, and efficient. It is the alternative of a traditional laptop with a few important differences.  Tablets are more portable, lighter as compared to laptops but it is less in storage, connection ports as compared to laptops.

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It has no keyboard on tablets. Tablets work through screens. It might be easier to think about tablets as it’s the largest version of smartphones. When you buy tablets it depends on your budget and your requirement. But a brief look at a few important things to consider when you are buying a tablet.


 According to their size tablets are divided into three categories. The first one is small, medium, and the last is large. The small tablet’s size is 7.9 inches, the size of the medium tablet is 9.11 inches while the large tablet size is 12 inches or longer.

The larger size of the tablets is more expensive but you prefer according to your needs. Larger size tablets are more powerful and heavy in weight. The screen size you consider according to your requirements. Most tablet sizes used between 7 to 11 inches.

Smaller tablets are not powerful, it is fit for the small task of work. It performs simple tasks very easily, like checking email, web research, and video streaming. If you replace tablets with laptops you need to require large screen tablets. These kinds of tablets are very helpful for large documentation, video games, photo editing, and online video streaming.


The traditional laptops used operating systems, while tablets used mobile operating system. Most tablets used IOS or Android operating systems. Each operating system has a lot of unique features. You can choose one of them according to your specifications.

If you want to use tablets like personal computer windows, the operating system is best. While you are playing games and watching media content then the iOS operating system is the best of tablets. For multitasking purposes, the android operating system is best for tablet users.


The tablet’s connectivity with the internet is very critical. Tablets can connect with the internet in two ways. The first way to connect the tablet with the internet is Wi-Fi and the second way is cellular wireless. Wi-Fi is best for local connectivity, the best support for radio bands are 2.4 GHz and g GHz.

Cellular connectivity tablets are very complicated, it’s compatible with 3G, 4G, and 5G networks. For local peer to peer Bluetooth connections are used in tablets.

Battery Life

 The main key feature in tablets is battery life. It is difficult to judge the battery timing of tablets because many applications lead to a different power. But this problem we can solve in two ways.

The first method to measure the battery life of tables is web browsing. The second method to measure tablets’ battery life is to watch videos. Watching videos on tablets makes the battery measuring process much quicker and easier.

When you watch videos on tablets, or perform multitasking operations, playing games on it, it consumes high power. The best battery life tablets should be eight hours. The battery life of tablets should be eight hours for web browsing or watching videos.

Storage & Space

Most people are not carrying a large amount of data in tablets as compared to laptops.  The solid space in tablets considers a major feature of tablets. Each tablet contains solid storage according to their power, size, and durability.

The storage of tablets is not more critical because people used tablets for reading books, watching videos, web browsing, playing games on their small tasks. Most tablets come with storage of 8GB to 64GB.

You can expand the storage of tablets with flash memory slots.  You can easily spend your tablet storage space. When tablets connect with the internet you can expand storage by cloud storage, this is only accessible when tablets connect with the internet.


In short, the matter of buying tablets depends on user specifications. When a child buys tablets, used for games or videos. When a businessman buys a tablet their specifications are different as compared to child specifications.

Businessmen used their tablets for a business meeting, or purposes while the child used their entertainment purposes. So, take time to make a list and go through our tablets buying guide and you would be confident about buying the first of the next tablets.  




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